Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Assembly Photos

Thanks to Sophie for taking some photos of the class at our end of year assembly. The children all looked fabulous and sang up like real little stars!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

MORE Water rocket fun!

A huge thanks to Nic and "Dan the Man" (and Olive of course) for coming to help launch the rest of the water rockets.It was great fun!! I think I got photos of all the rockets and astronauts (below). It has been a great wee project and I am thrilled that so many families have been converted to the joy of rocket building. I hope you keep having fun all summer!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - BLAST OFF!!

Wow! What super water rocket fun! We had all kinds of water rockets coming in - big ones, small ones, black ones, heavy ones, decorated ones.... They were all amazing! In the end "Oh Great One" couldn't choose the "best" to launch, so he chose 4 "different" rockets from each class. They all blasted off in different ways - some zooming SO high, some tumbling over and over - it was so exciting to watch! Tomorrow Nichola, Lily's lovely mum, is coming in to launch the rest of them, so everyone's rocket will get it's time in space!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Swim Week

Last week was Swim Week for Room 14. We went on the bus to Alpine Aqualand for lessons and lots of fun!

Here we are ready to go:
 Practising our strokes, we worked at backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke and even had a go at butterfly!
Here are some of us practising our leg action.
And some of us diving for rings
Then came the real fun, as we learned all about water safety.
First we had to put on our life jackets.
We practised our survival stroke on our backs.
We had to swim to the inflatable boat,
Some of us tried swimming under the boat.

And here are some of us in the boat, (with our life jackets on)

We learned how to huddle when we are in deep water to stay warm together.

We learned about all the dangers lurking in the water. How many can you remember?
Then we had a turn drifting in the lazy river.

And we rafted up in the current.
The next day we brought our pyjamas to swimming, so we could try swimming in them.
Here we are getting into them and into the water.
And here we are trying to swim, with our survival stroke on our backs.
Then we had to try and get out of our heavy wet pjs in the water.

And here we are swimming to survive with a partner, still on our backs.

What fun we had and learned so much! Thank you to all our swimming tutors at Aqualand!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Blast Off!

Today we had great fun finding out more about force using water rockets. First of all we talked about how force going one way means there is a force going in opposite way as well. We showed this by putting Oscar onto a skateboard and made him throw a ball at "Oh Great One" (Greg)!
Then we looked at different water rockets made with plastic bottles. We filled one with compressed air (using a pump) and watched it fly. Then filled the bottle full of water and watched THAT fly. Ask us what the difference was... Then we put some water and some air in, and were very excited when Daniel pulled the string - WHOOSH! Finally we looked at rockets that had fins and nose cones, and saw how they helped the rockets to fly better.

Our homework challenge is to build our own rockets, and decorate them, to bring into class. Oh Great One will come in to choose the 4 best from each class and those children will get to launch their rockets. We are going to need lots of help from grown ups - especially with the fins and nose cones...

There are some suggestions of websites to look at in our homework books if you need some ideas.
Happy blasting! (remember that rockets can be dangerous as well as fun - please help us to keep safe)

Monday, 17 November 2014

Surely we can't pull that??!!

We have been finding out about the PULL force in class. We talked about what we already know, and ways we could show what PULL is. 

We had fun having a tug-of-war (ask us who won!), and we found that when we worked together we could pull further.

Then we took it up a notch and borrowed a CAR!! Wendy from the Dental Clinic kindly came along to join us. Some of us thought that we could do it if we worked together, and some of us weren't so sure...

We took a long long rope and made sure that the car was on a flat surface (so it didn't roll on top of us and squash us!). Then we spread out and HEAVED!! Greg was checking to make sure that everyone was safe, and Wendy was in the car on the brakes. 

Guess what happened?!


Amazingly we were strong enough to pull the car quite easily. Some people tried on their own - Matthias could pull the car, and some needed a friend to help - go Erin and Maddi!

We feel like we learned lots about PULL today!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


After the Cross Country, end of last term, we painted about it.

Here we are at the beginning of making our masterpieces.

And here are our completed works.